Industrial Biotechnology

Production of Biofuels by the Microalgae Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

Carlos Vázquez Delgado, M.T.
Juan A. Negrón Berríos, Ph.D.
Interamerican University of Puerto Rico
Barranquitas Campus

In recent decades the use of marine microorganisms has taken on great importance in the current market, to generate products of great interest at an economic level. Through innovative genetic engineering techniques in the field of biotechnology, it has been possible to modify marine microorganisms for the benefit of all human beings that inhabit the Earth. Industries and other marketing sectors are employing the use of these marine microorganisms to obtain economic benefits, such as the production of the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, environmental control and bioremediation industries. The latter seek to focus their efforts on the production of compounds of great commercial value such as vaccines, antibiotics, gas, amino acids, vitamins and biofuel.