About us

Institute Of Sustainable Biotechnology – ISBiot

Who are we?

The Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology is a non-profit entity dedicated to prompting and educating the general public in the area of Biotechnology. 

What do we do?

Our teams work in the laboratories of the Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology that have been established research projects to help improve not only research projects to help improve not only the environments that surrounds us, but also searches for solutions to questions that threaten the quality of life of human beings. 


The Institute for Sustainable Biotechnology is dedicated to promoting and educating the public in the area of ​​modern Biotechnology. As an organization, we are committed to promoting the development of professionals who contribute to the progress of Biotechnology as a key element for the evolution and socio-economic development of our society. The commitment of the Institute for Sustainable Biotechnology is to link the knowledge and strategies of Biotechnology with sustainable practices to promote learning, research and development in Puerto Rico. 


To be an internationally recognized organization, for its prestige and its commitment to the advances of modern Biotechnology in a sustainable way. A learning workshop will be implemented that at the same time generates assets. Services through the application and development of knowledge from Biotechnology. Projects will be generated through self-management, oriented to the development of innovative products, aimed at solving community problems, respecting the balance and the resources of the environment. 


The general objectives of the Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology are: 

  1. Hold a learning and research workshop for bioscience students and faculty from the Barranquitas Campus and other campuses of the Inter-American University.
  2. Promote the exchange of faculty and students within the Inter-American System and with other universities and entities in Puerto Rico and abroad.
  3. Incorporate the sustainable use of biotechnology in areas such as agriculture, health, industry and the environment.
  4. Develop biotechnological projects to promote biodiversity, conservation and environmental sustainability.
  5. Offer biotechnological services and products to stimulate self-management, involving agreements with the community, government and industry.

Our Philosophy

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At the Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology, we identify ourselves with principles that reflect the value, discipline, dedication and commitment of our students and collaborators, whose efforts seek the development of innovative ideas in the field of Biotechnology.