Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology

The building of the Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology was officially inaugurated at the beginning of 2014, with the presence of prominent academic and business authorities. The Institute is located next to the Interamerican University of Barranquitas and it has the most advanced technology. Among its facilities are two laboratories equipped for research, development and innovation in the field of biotechnology, a main laboratory, computer centers and a modern amphitheater. Its architecture is Eco-friendly, especially in regard to the use of renewable energies such as photovoltaics, through solar panels that provide the necessary energy to provide enough electricity throughout the building. In this way we minimize the impact on the environment. Tanks with a pumping system were also installed to use rainwater for use in the building’s facilities. In this way, the Institute of Sustainable Biotechnology is projected to be one of the most modern centers in the central area of ​​the island of Puerto Rico.